Boreal Sons

Boreal Sons are an art-rock band whose imaginative compositions are as emotive as they are intelligent, pairing sweeping instrumental arrangements with vivid lyrical imagery and pop-inspired melodies.

Woven together by the dynamic voice of singer Evan Wesley Acheson, whose vocal style reimagines old jazz crooners with a darker edge, Boreal Sons' music ebbs and flows—both overwhelming in its grandeur and captivating in its intimacy. The latest collection of songs from Boreal Sons is cinematic, poetic, and represents the rapid growth the band has experienced in the last two years. Whereas the band's earlier music told stories, complex narrative fictions meant to excite the imagination, the lyricism of their new work looks inwards, desperately searching for respite from the overwhelming pressures that come with adulthood. The title of their most recent release, Threadbare, evokes a weary vulnerability but never confirms whether it was borne of love or abuse. Acheson's lyrics here are more personal as the bold honesty of Threadbare's content address themes of grief, intimacy, faith, and self-identity.

As a band Boreal Sons have already cultivated a maturity to their sound that defies the relatively young age of its members, and it seems clear that they have crafted their compositions with the intent to form a meaningful and thoughtful connection between musician and listener. At times powerful and explosive, at times calm and simple, Boreal Sons' music overflows with ingenuity and integrity, harboring at once elation and dread but never once losing faith.

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