Three Eyes Tribal

Formed in 2008, Three Eyes Tribal is a belly dance troupe located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who is dedicated to studying and performing the original American Tribal Style® (ATS) belly dance as created by Carolena Nericcio, director of Fat Chance Belly Dance®. The troupe is composed of women who show a passion and aptitude for ATS® and our troupe director is Alberta's first accredited Fat Chance Belly Dance® instructor and Sister Studio.

American Tribal Style® is a modern form of belly dance created in North America by Carolena Nericcio. It has its roots in Middle Eastern and North African dances with influences from Spanish Flamenco and dances of India.

What characterizes this style is the concept of "group improvisation". Through the non-verbal communication of movements and gestures, the women dance together as a unit without using choreography.

This means we are creating art right on the spot, and no two performances are ever the same. It is a wonderful expression of feminine strength and beauty.

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