Three doors, three chairs, three wooden boards...

One light bulb...

In this timeless setting, the very different worlds of three clowns will collide. Gradually forgetting their own individuality, they build rapport around what they hold most dear: their playfulness, their 'joie de vivre' and an uncontrollable imagination.

Struggling with their own silliness and enthusiasm, which sometimes prevent them from seeing further than the tips of their toes, they meet, size each other up, experience some friction, and create new bonds based on their unique abilities. For one, it is the flexibility of their body; for another, it is the pleasing tone of their voice; for the last, it is the sheer excess of their constructions. Through various scenes forged with humour and flair, this performance examines the topic of human relationships. It inspires playfulness, joy, and—most of all—lots of laughter, as these three clowns have a few tricks up their sleeves.

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