Dawn In The City

Dawn in the City is a five-piece funk-soul-rock band from Edmonton that has been living and playing music in a quest to bring soulful people together - and create the feeling out of a good rocking vibration with a satisfying crunch.

On the heels of their second album Burnt Shades, the band is in top form and is a unique live band that blends R&B, rock and roll guitars, duo soul vocals, deep bass, rich keyboards and a penchant for the funky delivery! Extremely versatile, this group plays in all kinds of venues and lifts spirits wherever they go.

Dawn in the City includes keyboardist/vocalist/guitarist Bernal Ibarra, bass guitar player Andrea Dawn, drummer Burke MacLean, guitarist Brian Ryder and the captivating Louise Dawson! A standard night with Dawn in the City explores a lot of territory in funk, soul, rock, groove, psychedelic, emotive-reactive styles of music. Always playing with class, and with a lot to shout about!

Make Dawn in the City part of your experience in your own search for that honest, knock-on-wood feeling of true funky love power in your bones.

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