Jodie Leslie

Canadian singer / songwriter Jodie Leslie takes the audience to a place they've never been that somehow feels familiar. Her voice sparks wide dynamic range from smokey soft tones to a bold soaring resonance. She writes thoughtful lyrics, makes strong melodic choices, and clearly has the chops to convey the message vocally.

In an age of disposable artists this little 5 foot powerhouse will be sticking around."

In her voice you will hear echos of Ann Wilson, Annie Lennox, Jewel and Bonnie Rait. But this singer will tell you her strongest influences have been great male vocalists such as Chris Cornell of Audio Slave, Justin Hawkins (The Darkness), Keith Urban, and Bryan Adams.

Performing for audiences of up to 40 000, Jodie has opened for artists such as Bryan Adams, Allanah Myles, Trooper, Lee Aaron, and Harlequin, Honeymoon Suite. You'll also find her voice with "The Retrofitz", an 11 piece funk/pop band.

Her debut album "Resonant Frequency" was released on October 24, 2008 to a sold out house. With a pop / adult contemporary sound, "Resonant Frequency" is a saleable mixture of hook oriented originals and a few suprising new takes on known cover songs. Her rendition of Alabama's "Angels Among Us" was given the thumbs up by Sony ATV Nashville, while her version of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" has been called "Bold and Soaring!" by industry professionals. Inspired by the Dixie Chick's song "Easy Silence", Jodie respectfully covers this song with a fresh new sound accompanied only by piano and cello. The primary focus of Resonant Frequency is to spark hope within the listener.

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