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John Lost and the Cause

John has gotten himself lost out among the gently rippling tide of the reservoir. There he floats on his back with eyes closed against a warm sun. Red light filtering through slowly dissolves the weighty concerns of introspection. The outer world creeps in. Chickadees stutter, voices ring from shore, distant cars let out tireless sighs. John's slowly circling body yields to the current of the moment. A faint vibration enters his feet and swells to his throat.

Passerby stop at the sight of a sweet melody sailing to shore on a feather bed of guitars. Turning towards the reservoir, even the most tightly wound soul lulls into a sense of ease and asks itself "why am I not out there?"

Land dwellers know John as Bennett Mitchell, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who employs all the instruments under his hands, (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards), to build jazz inspired grooves and drug inspired (not really) soundscapes worthy of standing up to his pure and flexible voice. At once fluid but danceable, adventurous yet relatable, John Lost and the Cause creates a world that pleases body, mind and soul.

Calgary//Victoria//Montreal -- the Cause is a Canadian collective that have found themselves lost with John.

"Chamomile," (2018), is John's first sonic symphony.

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