Star Wars XI

Astral Harvest proudly presents an inAhome and Zodiac Series production.... Star Wars XI Origins of the Republic Please join us on November 26th as we take a jaunt 25,000 yrs before the Battle of Endor and discover the Origins of the Galactic Republic. featuring... Blue Lunar Monkey (Mexico) - *LIVE PSYTRANCE* Worlds of the Republic Joy One Wadjit Lazer Brains The Beat Professors Blue Lunar Monkey Nada Deva Endor Mira Nova Soulus and Discord w/ MC-3POH Chimpa Chowie Opaque vs. Mistress Mangladesh Mr. Wedge Bing Kundalini Rising Event hosted by MC Nineca Duel of the Fates Jedi vs. Sith battle featuring VibeTribe members Oaken and FloWarrior Live art by Just Joe Clarke Costume prizes First place 2 tickets to Astral Harvest Second place 2 tickets to NYE Decor by Sound by Joy One entertainment Lighting and effects by 18+ Full Bar Tickets $20 advance $25@ door Availiable @ Foosh 10554 82 ave Thaddeus 780-756-7929 Francesco 780-224-7111

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