Lauren Mayell

When describing Lauren Mayell's musical drive & what motivates her, you will understand why she is destined to live her dream. Her inspiration comes from her grandfather; connected so deeply words cannot express. In music, he was her first teacher, mentor & fan. Encouraging Lauren to be true to herself & remain on the musical path he knew she was fated for.

It has been said that music can wash away the sands of everyday life to feed and heal the soul. This couldn't be more relevant to Lauren after her grandfathers passing. With this devestating loss to the family, Lauren vowed to proudly wear "Grandpa's" belt buckle at every show; knowing that he is forever with her on this Journey. It is him, who continues to inspire Lauren to stay dedicated & focused, to share her gift of song, touching hearts & lives, connecting with people so deeply by giving life to her music.

Lauren completed her Bachelor Of Arts in Music in 2011 at The University of Calgary. She is now full steam ahead on her chosen musical path. The talents reach far beyond her education, mentoring aspiring singers as a vocal coach & working daily at her craft as a songwriter. Lauren is preparing to record her debut CD "The Journey". It is with unwavering family support, true dedication, devotion and perseverance that will make her dreams a reality.

Lauren has accolades as a finalist at many talent search events: Calgary Stampede's "Nashville North Star", Ranchman's "Rising Star" & Calgary Stampede "Talent Search". Most recently she was nominated for ACMA (Association of Country Music in Alberta) Female Artist of The Year 2012 & The Fan's Choice Award.

To understand the truth about choosing this path one must understand this: "That singers & musicians are some of the most driven , courageous people on the face of the earth. They deal with more day-to day rejection and critiques in one year than most people do in a lifetime. Why, because they are willing to give their entire lives to a moment, to that melody, to that song, that will stir the audiences soul. In that crystal clear moment when they have poured out their creative spirit & touched another's heart, they are as close to Magic, God & perfection as one could ever be " David Ackert.

Lauren has the gift of evoking these emotions through her music, making every performance a captivating musical experience for the listeners. There is an intensity & passion put into the live show where her relatable self-penned songs will take you on a "Journey", one she welcomes you to join her on. "They say country music will never die, and with up and coming artists like Lauren Mayell, that statement is true in every sense of the word. She is an amazing talent and she is exactly what the industry needs right now." - Jessie R. Hawiuk – Newcap Radio, Alberta

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