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Steve Page, Stage, is a Canadian hip-hop artist born and raised in BC. Stage established himself as an emotive musician and vulnerable lyricist by hybridizing the politics of punk and the pain of truth. Influenced by the authenticity of underground, he skipped rapping about "blunts and cereal" all together, and focused on the more mature introspective side of writing, With just the right cocktail of raw and tender.

Steve's ability to permeate polarized genres of music and reach a diverse fan base has enabled him to remain real in an often-false industry. He has attempted to gain rappers' respect before mass appeal, resulting in "I am the jaded crowd" groupies. Stage has focused his addictive personality on music instead of poison, which contributes to his refreshing cold and wintery vibe, visceral as hot breath at the bus stop. Stage's two EPs and full album have a somewhat bipolar sound, ranging from melodramas to cartoony satires. When asked about his creative process, Steve admits that, "Skin against skeleton can be considered the theme for all my music. There's a common trope of personal battles and self hate. Being into the music that I'm into is like finger painting with seasonal affective disorder." -- Whatever that means.

His cult following is eagerly awaiting the completion of his new project, promised to be released spring of 2014. Stage's provocative content and intricate beats have both established artists and critics watching the rise of this talented poet.

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