Ben Sir

My name is Ben. I’ve played in punk and hardcore bands for a long time, and plan on continuing to do so. Following the break up of one my former bands (On The Brink, I only namedrop that should you want a cd because I have a couple hundred growing dusty in the trunk of my car,) and graduating from University, I found myself with very little to do. I also like animals, so I travelled to Guatemala to volunteer with an organization named ARCAS that works with threatened and endangered wildlife. While in Central America, I wrote a bunch of songs and travel stories that detailed in excessive detail, my experiences at ARCAS, sexual indiscretions, nearly pooping my pants in several different countries, and other misadventures (my minor in school was creative writing.) I thought would be cool to release in one package, a book with an album inside. Oddly enough, this has taken some time, so I’ve been recording batches of acoustic songs to release as mixtapes/ep’s before the main project is finished. Backpacking is fun, but touring is funner, so I hope to use this project to tour more, and raise money and awareness for ARCAS. For information on how to donate or volunteer with ARCAS, visit, there’s a lot of gnarly little creatures that sure would appreciate your help. I never planned to do a solo project. I likely lack the charisma and talent it takes to do it well, but as friends and bandmates moved away, it was either this or not play music, which would quite simply, suck. Since starting in April I’ve had the privilege to play with a lot of amazing friends and bands including Audio/Rocketry, Living With Lions, The Flatliners, Chuck Ragan, and Russ Rankin. It’s been an awesome first year.



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