The Salteens

You know when you stand at the back of a club watching the eighth band you've seen this week, and you're thinking to yourself, "This sucks. If I had a band, I would do it like this...". Well, it's that subtle arrogance that led to the creation of the Salteens; that if you are going to bother to get up on stage in front of people, you had better make it worth their while, or they might start a band in spite of you. The Salteens' mandate from day one was to make music that was both immediately accessible and cryptically elitist, so that it was enjoyed as much on your first listen as your hundredth.

So, the Salteens are a pop band.

Their songs are short spurts of catchy hooks, call-and-response girl-boy vocals, excessively orchestrated arrangements, manic drumming, and incessant melodies, packed into 2-minute explosions that will leave you annoyed the next day when you can't stop humming them. No really, it's frustrating the next day when you can't stop humming them and then your friends get pissed-off at you and your girlfriend leaves you and your dog runs away from home. No wait, that was something else.

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