The Hallowed Catharsis

The Hallowed Catharsis (THC) is a Vancouver BC based progressive death metal band founded in 2013.

"If you're new to the band, their take on tech-death is strongly rooted in prog-death and prog in general." – Austin Weber (Metal Injection)
The band worked on finding the right sound and lineup through the first releases with their 2014 debut EP "The Uncanny Valley" and 2015's live-off-the-floor "EPII: Organic Entrenchment". Their third record, Solar Cremation (2017) saw them commit to writing songs and albums with a narrative and launched THC to a wider audience.

" me when I say this album is phenomenal. It's technical and progressive without being masturbatory, it expertly covers a broad spectrum of emotions, it sounds great, it flows great, and it comes with a goddamn comic." – Spear (Toilet Ov Hell)

Solar Cremation propelled THC into becoming an emerging force in technical and progressive death metal, achieving many of the genre's Best of 2017 lists including Metal Injection.

"...the release dives into the deep end of prog heavy tech-death, absolutely jam packed material that shows the band firing on all cylinders." - Austin Weber (Metal Injection)

"Because its fucking organic technical death metal. No gimmicks no fucking with the guitar tracks. This is really really close to perfection." - User review, Bandcamp
Along the way The Hallowed Catharsis has shared the stage with bands such as Revocation, Archspire, Gigan, Veil of Maya, The Faceless, Vektor, Voivod and many others. They have appeared at Armstrong Metal Festival (2015 and 2018) and toured Western Canada on multiple occasions.

In 2018 THC welcomed new members guitarist Claire Sæter and bassist Michael Holme just in time to perform their first headlining gig at a theatre sized venue for Deathmas Fest II. The plan for 2019 will be releasing new material recorded recently and supporting it with festival shows and touring in Canada and hopefully into the US!

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