Firestone is not your everyday Alberta country group.
With members hailing from across First Nation bands and Metis settlements across northern Alberta, they are quickly turning heads and grabbing ears abroad with their blend of modern and traditional Country music.
While the band was formed in just 2016 , they are already tearing up the Alberta scene with performances booked solid in various communities and have shared the stage with legends Ernest Monias and Don Burnstick,
In this short time, they have delivered a distinct sound of their own, and their first single, Country Boys, went to #3 on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown.
They are scheduled to travel to Nashville, TN, where they are recording new material at New Sun Productions with Juno award nominee, Crystal Shawanda.

Upcoming Events for Firestone

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· Jul · 21 Sat 8:30 pm
The Black Eyed Creez & others at Shakers Roadhouse (Edmonton)  on July 21, 2018
at Shakers Roadhouse
15004 Yellowhead Trail Edmonton, AB T5V 1A1

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