Call Before You Dig Call Before You Dig began in the fall of 2008 when Ben and Jacob began playing together in Ben’s crowded basement jam space. After conquering a few cover songs the two began writing original material and the foundation for Call Before You Dig was in place. Primarily a guitarist, Jacob took on the role of drummer while Ben switched between piano and guitar. However, they soon agreed that in order for the band to move forward they needed a drummer. Jacob and Joel had played music together in a practice space at the U of A. It quickly became clear that they had similar musical tastes and they shared a passion for playing music. In February of 2009 these three talented young musicians got together for the first time. There was an obvious chemistry between them from day one and after just a few jam sessions Ben remarked, “Call Before You Dig is officially a three-piece.” The wheels were set in motion and the trio began to practice together regularly in the upcoming month, a distinct sound taking shape with each passing day.

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