The MNKD unexpectedly broke out into the music scene after being named one of Edmonton's Top Upcoming Artists by one of the city's largest commercial radio stations. Since then, the young trio has established a clear vision for The MNKD. "We like to know what we're going to do before we do it, but our music was different," says Chad, who plays multiple instruments in The MNKD, including bass, piano, and saxophone. "We just sat down in Steve's shop and started trying things." The trio's alternative pop music combines arena-sized dance grooves with a melodramatic wall of sound. The members of The MNKD, Steven Sware, and brothers Chad and Maxwell Pankiw, have spent the better part of the last three years writing and learning how to produce music that is defined by not only its emotional depth, but also its physical depth. "Some bands have an ability to create a sound-space so you can actually visualize the direction that the sounds are coming from— we wanted to do that," says Maxwell, the groups drummer and co-producer. The ambient soundscape in The MNKD's music is paired with lyrics that have a similar stream of consciousness to writings you would find in a teenager's diary. "Our lyrics are a collection of personal experiences taken from all three of us," adds Steve, the group's frontman. The MNKD's first single, Elate Me, is out now and their debut EP entitled, "it's nothing.," is set to be released on all online music stores on December 2, 2016. Look for The MNKD in your city when they go on tour in 2017.

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