Josh Gillingham

Josh Gillingham is a twenty year old western Canadian singer/songwriter. Brought up in a musical family, he learned piano and trombone before taking his first guitar lesson. Several years of speaking in hammer-ons, power chords and punk rock progressions gave him time to develop a style of his own, emerging, surprisingly, as funky acoustic folk rock. Coupled with his vocal background in church, choral, popular, jazz and musical theatre styles, his earthy guitar sounds create a powerful wind behind the sails of his politically, relationally, and spiritually inspired lyrics. Josh’s musical interests and influences are so varied that a short bio does not suffice to cover them (and might also give grounds for a bi-polar disorder diagnosis...), but he must give a special shout out to his dad, his mom, and his brother who have walked with him a million miles and back as he continues his journey of creation, inspiration, and divine revelation through music.

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