Danielle Deighton

Filled with angst and nowhere to put it, Danielle Deighton took her first stab at the art of songwriting five years ago. If you are ever inclined to ask her to play the first song she ever wrote, don't get your hopes up. The more songs she writes the more established her voice becomes, proving she has something important to say. Four years following her songwriting addiction, she decided to immerse herself in the world of production, which eventually birthed her four track EP titled "Map." She teamed up with local Calgarian producer Anthony Blaine of AB Records where she walked away with an exciting peek at all the possibilities a studio has to offer. the experimental process of finding the genres she can call home was an invaluable experience for the young songwriter and she can't wait to get started on her next project.

"Map" primarily explores stories about relationships, whether it's with the self or someone else. "Let it Go" combines light tones of ukelele and an energetic trumpet lead to back rich vocals and lively lyrics. "The song is upbeat, infectious and sounds a bit like a more country version of Fiest." (The Equal Ground). "Started With a Kiss" is a story about a young women who finds the courage to leave the fragments of a somber childhood for promise of a fresh, new beginning with Jacky, the love of her life. The lyrics explore the capacity for freedom this relationship represents as well as the relief associated with starting over, as she sings "The taste of freedom lingers on her lips/ and it started with a kiss." Violin resonates throughout this track, providing a country/folk style similar to the imagery and storytelling of artists she looks up to like Brandi Carlile and Jake Bugg. "Paper Love Me" is a ballad with an alternative approach. Rich acoustic guitar, the resonant sound of ebow, supported with a building drum line creates a soulful feeling, further emphasized by the richness of her voice. When young love is separated by distance, the relationship's durability is put to the test, and sometimes proves to be as frail as paper. Imagery and metaphor are used to carefully construct a long distance relationship. "Map," and its four tracks, is only a quick sample of what is to come.

After calling Calgary home for eighteen years, Deighton now resides in Edmonton, Alberta for eight months out of the year as a drama major at the University of Alberta. Up north, she spends her time studying theatre, writing songs, and performing at open mics and venues in Edmonton like The Druid, and the Skirts A Fire festival for the Key of She. In Calgary, Deighton can be seen performing at local venues such as Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar, The Ironwood, and last August at the Southern Alberta Music Festival in Mossleigh, Alberta.

Deighton recently celebrated winning second place in the Calgary Folk Fest & Ship & Anchor Songwriting Contest in May for her song "Started with a Kiss."

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