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Danielle Dayton got her rhythm from tapping her feet on the floor for 14 years. Her relationship with music began with her body as the instrument: an extension of arms, a crash to the floor or a syncopated beat tapping from her feet, echoing down the studio halls. Countless dance lessons exposed her to how rhythm, melody and lyrics can affect the body, mind and soul. It wasn't until she picked up a guitar, that she was lead on the path of no return as a singer songwriter and the course of her entire life will never be the same. She creates music simply because she can't not.

Danielle Dayton has a natural flair for blues, rock and soul. As a Canadian artist, her deeply dark vocals and heavy rhythmic guitar follow her biggest influences Brittany Howard, Janis Joplin, and Brandi Carlile. Danielle's focus on storytelling and lyrics creates an anchor amidst the dynamic ocean of her skillful trio. Her 2017 EP "Run" was nominated for a 2018 Edmonton music award, and is available on all streaming platforms. The Danielle Dayton Trio is setting out on the 20 date "Run" Across Canada Tour (fall 2019) in support of her EP "Run" and new single "Spider Blues" (available on most streaming platforms on September 8th 2019).

Catch her appearance on The Moment - Season 1, a national TV series airing in October 2019.

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