Blues Puppy

Born in Edmonton Alberta and named after John Lennon's son (Sean Lennon), 16year old Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Sean "Blues Puppy" Riquelme dazzles fans with his natural ability to sing and play guitar.
Sean's Grandfather first put a guitar into his hands at age of 2, and played his first notes when he could finally reach the frets at the age of 6.
By age 11, Sean was playing in front of crowds, by age 12 Sean was playing gigs, and by age 13, Sean was composing his own songs.
Sean began his career by playing his "Tribute to Guitar Legends" at local venues/coffee shops/festivals and fundraisers, Sean has played hundreds of shows paying homage to his early influences of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Buddy Guy, BB King, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour.
At age 13 while performing at a local blues venue, local musician Kathy Frank witnessed Sean's performance and gave him the nickname "Blues Puppy". The name has stuck with him ever since.
At age 14 Sean opened up for Blues Legend "Buddy Guy".
At age 15 Sean connected with Producer "Michael Burley" and began working on his first Original E.P. of songs that he had written and co-written with Michael.
Writing all instruments including guitars, vocals, piano, bass and drums, Sean and Michael defined and refined the sounds, storytelling and genres that Sean admired, while staying true to his "Blues" and "Rock and Roll" roots.
Between December and early January, they captured the music then mixed and mastered the Michaels Studio, "Magnetic North Manor" Studios in Surrey B.C.
The E.P. "Licked" is scheduled for official release early 2012, and many songs will be posted on his website for your curiosity and listening pleasure.
The "Sean "Blues Puppy" Riquelme" band is currently promoting the record by playing shows throughout Western Canada, and is available for tours throughout North America and the World.

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