Kemo Treats

Get ready for a sonic beat down using highly metaphorical and witty over-rehearsed lyrics belted out over a backing of mind-blowing and wholly original genre-bending preprogrammed beats with a sprinkle of auto-tune for good measure. Growing up amidst the harsh realities of middle-class suburbia, G-Wizard and Smoovie II Smoov decided to unleash their raw, unadulterated sounds upon the masses. Kemo Treats formed in 2008 only to be shunned by commercial media. Laced with hilarious and often absurd lyrics, the Treats bring a unique flavour to any stage they terrorize. Grandstanding in outlandish outfits, this dynamic duo brings huge production value chock full of sing songy melodies topped off with witty satire raps about important things like chips and time travel. This is a show like nothing you've experienced before.

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