Wanting started to sing before she could talk. Her mother knows it too well. “You would know when she’s awake because the second she opened her eyes she’d be singing the theme song from this Chinese TV series called ‘Undercover Cop' (Chinese: Bian Yi Jing Cha) loudly in bed to the ceiling, every morning.”

Wanting left her family and motherland (China) at age 16. She entered Canada as an international student hoping to make her mother proud by getting a University Degree in Business. Though she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, she found herself unhappy and lost in life. She realized that, through heartbreaks and curve balls that life had thrown at her, her dream is and has always been to become a worldwide successful, recognizable and influential singer.

Wanting found her happiness and comfort in song writing. She searched herself through song writing. She became more aware of who she is and what she wants in life. Ever since, she hasn’t stopped writing or singing.

Wanting sings and writes in English and Chinese. Her audiences fully understand the meaning of “music has no boundaries”.

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