The Burning Hell

The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of ukulele player and all-purpose nerd Mathias Kom. While the band can occasionally bloom into a multi-instrumental monster with many heads and arms, more often than not these days The Burning Hell is a smaller band with bigger hearts, based in St. John;s, Newfoundland and Peterborough, Ontario. The lineup is always changing, so no two shows are ever quite the same. The essence of The Burning Hell is music to dance to while laughing about death, music you can sing along to while smiling out of the side of your mouth, knowing that while the end may be near, the bar is still open.

Mathias Kom is often joined by a selection of these fine human beings:

  • Jill Staveley : guitar
  • Mike Duguay : keys, glockenspiel
  • Darcy McCord : cello
  • Walter Bloodway: electronics
  • Adam DeMarsh : drums
  • Steve McNabb : trumpet, banjolele
  • Nick Ferrio : lap steel, bass
  • Ariel Sharratt: clarinet, saxophone
  • Alison Corbett: violin, French horn
  • Jake Nicoll: percussion
  • Darren Browne: mandolin, guitar
  • Natasha Hartery: baritone saxophone, flute
  • John Duff: trombone

And more. Yes, more! Special guests are numerous, and live everywhere.

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