Mars and Venus

Mars & Venus is a get 'er done touring band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Mars & Venus are currently working on a triple EP. The First EP will be engineered/produced by the extremely Asian and oddly obtuse Randor Lynn of Turnkey Studios. It will be Mixed by the slightly obese and evenly appealing Ron Tarrant. It will be Mastered, baited and filled to the rim by massively under-infamous Jesse Simon. The recording is currently in process, with an official release date March 1st 2013.

Mars & Venus would love to have you lend your talents as an artist on our upcoming pressings. If you are interested and like seeing your name tarnished by a great band, please message us here on fb, twitter or email.

Mars & Venus will be continuously touring western Canada, the G.T.A. and for the 3rd time since their induction as a band, Mars & Venus will be touring Los Estados Unidos De Mexico from the 1-22 of June 2013. The tour will be in conjunction with the EP release slated for the end of April 2013 and will also feature songs off their first EP "stray bullets make brave hearts" and their LP "faded maps and winding ways".

During the Mexican portion of the upcoming tour M&V has plans to record the 2nd EP, in the country that has done as much for their fan-base as it has for their ego. Once again, M&V will be opening up the recording process to any and all fans looking to lend a voice or an instrument.

With so many tour plans in the near future, one should also expect to see a battered and deafened Mars & Venus in the So-Cal regions following the Mexican tour. Start saving your worn out couches world! We're crashing your living room this coming year!

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