Hawksley Workman

Delivered from the mythic Muskoka wilderness, Hawksley arrived on the scene over a decade ago with a fearlessness rooted in an undeniable vocal panache. This Juno Award winning wild card has already cemented his place as an emblem of Canadian culture here and abroad. From the compelling opening yodel found on his debut album, For Him and the Girls, to this very day, Hawksley roams like a rogue force, bouncing from pop tunes to country jangles, from anthemic rockers to hip-hop dance beats to gut-wrenching ballads, making his notably excellent performances as unpredictable as they are dramatic and exuberant. We know him well and we give the Six Shooter pinky swear that Hawksley's live show, complete with Mr. Lonely by his side, is simply incomparable.

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