The Writers' Guild

The Writers' Guild features five members of Edmonton's thriving music scene: Dan Davis, Marty Majorowicz, Tyson Kerr, Josh McHan and Efa Etoroma Jr.. The Guild features the unique writing styles of Dan, Tyson and Marty. All three writers are cutting edge and modern, but have three distinct voices. Tyson brings a fun, thoroughly modern approach, which is influenced by his peers in Toronto. Marty's writing is lyrical, introspective and reaches into the profound. Dan specializes in groove-based tunes ranging from high energy sambas, lilting 7/4, straight up funk or slow, greazy blues. The group is made complete by Josh McHan, who has played with such luminaries as P.J. Perry and Tommy Banks, and up and comer Efa Etoroma Jr, who at the age of 24 has already released 4 albums.

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