King Muskafa

They began playing regularly at a club in Edmonton (AB, Canada) called The Sidetrack Cafe, and eventually spread throughout the city. Current lead singer Amber Suchy and bassist Troy Nowaselski joined the band in 1999, and soon had enough original material to record the first and only self-titled CD in 2002.

From then they traveled as far East as Winnipeg and as far West as Vancouver Island peddling the ska/reggae/pop sounds that people seem to love dancing to. They've sold thousands of discs, played to thousands more and have had material on major Television and Radio. They disappeared between 2005-2007 and without really knowing why, decided to creep back into the game. They probably missed it.

Pat Strain plays guitar, Allison Ochoa the Tenor Sax and Fred Benton does the drum thing...and they are all sexy.

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