Naeem Gabriel

Music was a passion of mine growing up, although it wasn't until the age of 10 that I began learning how to play guitar on a 3-string right-handed classical guitar that I had borrowed from a friend. I fell in-love with the instrument. I began writing my own music and covering artists I loved from metal/rock/indie to pop/hip-hop/R&B. I got closer to folk music in my 20's and haven't stopped learning more about the style. I'm heavily influenced by other musicians and how they write their music. It encourages and empowers me to be better. Cliché as it is, music and the support from my friends and family, saved my life.

I moved to Edmonton from Slave Lake, Alberta in 2015. My song-writing explains most of that process as I struggled with mental illness. Since moving to the city, I've played countless pub gigs, festivals and I attended the Edmonton Music Awards. It's wonderful to be a part of a strong, encouraging community of musicians and music lovers.

I'm gearing up in 2019 to release my first single and I hope you enjoy it.

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