Sandy Foster Quartet

Based in Edmonton, AB, Sandy Foster is a singer, songwriter, artist, writer, and educator. She performs “soul-drenched eclectic jazz” in solo to quintet format and dependent on the performance requirements will more than likely appear with piano, flute, upright bass, guitar and/or drums.

“Just like a good rain refreshes the ground, important musical experiences drench our souls spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and even physically. Music isn’t just pleasant or interesting for me, it is a deeply personal and relational mode of communication. Audience and artist develop these experiences together – and the unique connections created within each performance are fascinating to me.

Eclectic jazz refers to my propensity to mix and match arrangements, playing with genres, to more accurately support either the lyric or message that I feel is important to be conveyed. Finding new ways to honour sentiments by creatively adjusting genres is appealing to me. It’s important to me to show respect for the songwriters whose music I cover. As a writer, I love to explore genres – it’s a fun way to travel the globe.”

“My greatest goal is to serve well through my art –to communicate encouragement, and provide a musical environment that allows for reflection and interpersonal connections between audience and artist, song and soul. I am too content, too thankful to spend much time in angst, but I have experienced and observed enough tragedy to avoid being insensitive or glib. And I love to laugh – life is way too short to take oneself too seriously.“


Vocalists: Natalie Cole, Nat King Cole, Harry Connick Jr., Connie Kaldor, Eva Cassidy, Ella Fitzgerald, Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim

Songwriters: Rogers/Hart, Connie Kaldor,Duke Ellington, Antonio Carlos Jobim.


Performances with Sandy Foster, singer/songwriter, offer engaging soul-drenched eclectic jazz. Vintage vocals are woven into warm classics and fresh originals. With six releases since 2003, featuring nearly 50 originals, listeners can expect seasoned, smooth, sensitive vocals reminiscent of the classics, unexpected arrangements, thought-provoking original compositions, tasteful standards and heartfelt delivery. Available from solo (vocals/keys) to quintet format, performances deliver a relaxed, entertaining, family friendly environment with something for everyone.

Programs include a wide variety of songs performed within an attractive array of jazz stylings (swing, blues, ballads, Latin), which may be formatted to suit house concert, soft-seat theatre, showcase or ambiance format. A seasonal program featuring nostalgic and innovative arrangements of Christmas selections is also available.

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