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Cygnets is the end game of a project over a decade in the making. Edmonton based musician Logan Turner worked privately for years, writing and recording hundreds of songs and printing up album after album that only made their way into the hands of close friends. Deciding that he preferred the benefits of a group dynamic over being a solo artist, he sought to find the perfect collaborators. Chosen not just for their skill but for their ability to work instinctively with Logan's style and creativity, this collaboration was finally realized in Chris Bruce and Dan Snow. Playing guitar and synthesizer respectively, Chris and Dan brought a unique balance to Logan's ambitious songwriting style.

Cygnets play music that is often described as unique, owing just as much to the past as to the future. They are known for their willingness to play all shows offered to them, taking to the stage with their energetic and often-rotating live set. They currently self-record their songs, releasing them for free through their website and even going as far as to manufacture physical CD copies to give away for free at shows. Passion, dedication and determination will all play a role in Cygnets making the difficult step of turning music from a hobby into a career.

Since the beginning of 2010, the band has been creating a growing buzz for themselves. The release of two singles in the first few months of the year began to draw eyes and ears. Newspaper and radio interviews following the release of their first single in January led to radio play on local favourite CJSR. A number of shows followed including their first two headlining gigs, packed with new and old fans alike. The release of their second single last April and a much lauded opening spot for Vancouver's You Say Party! We Say Die! kept positive word-of-mouth spreading through their hometown.

With momentum building, the band continues to win over new fans and entertain old ones with their exhilarating live shows throughout Edmonton. Currently they are working on their first full-length album, to be released later this year, with plans underway for a national tour to support the new album.

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