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The Boogieman Jordon Daniel

Out of the destruction of one entity comes the creation of another. As Montreal based heavy metal act The Gorgeous played out it's final show in Toronto, a legion of fans sang along word for word in the streets out front of the Cathedral after the 700 + venue was sold out. The room inside felt less like 700 people and more like one single whole bent on musical bliss. Jordon Daniel still had music on the brain, in the wake of the collapsing group emerged The Boogieman.

Inspired by the old troubadours and blues singers of the early 19th century as well as the 70's punk movement, The Boogieman set out to capture the energy and earnest heart-felt sincerity in the performance of this historic music. The difficulty in this was to still maintain the raunchy fire breathing lyrical style and live demeanor of his pervious groups The Gorgeous (distort) and Barn Burner (metal blade). The Boogieman does so without fail. Alone on a stage by himself or with his group The Boogiemen, Jordon dispels energy into the eyes of the room with a voice unsuitable for comparison to any other artist performing today.

Jordon has been playing out of Toronto, Ontario for the past two years, he has toured canada on several occasions as well as the united kingdom. Recently Jordon has relocated to Vancouver British Columbia to assemble a three piece outfit consisting of the most basic rock and roll format, drums, bass and guitar. By far his strongest musical effort to date, Jordon Daniel and The Boogiemen are on a sure fire path to domination of the global music community. But talk is cheap, so bare witness to The Boogieman's next live performance and you be the Judge.

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