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Formed in 2015 by Dustin Moysey and Cody Hills in the basement of a house located right next to the imagination station of the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The result of newly acquainted friends trying to find solace in what was a skinless type of world (If you know what I mean. "Life sssssss...").

Our first jams we're slop but promising. Writing the first few songs out on a chunk of spare drywall and shaking off cob-webs proved way more cathartic than originally intended.

Shortly after our two-piece mess we became a three piece mess with the addition of long time friend Geoff Stickles (I'm talking grade school fools). His calculated bass playing, mixed with my 90's influenced riff shit, and Cody's D-beat massacre gave us a foot hold to fuck with something different than what we had all previously worked on.

Over the next year into the summer of 2016 we finally played our first show in Athabasca, Alberta. A sweet little meth infested cross roads town where I had the the pleasure of spending nearly a decade of my youth. All while Geoff had his in Fort Crack, and Cody ,a few years prior, in Rocky... straight up no hope for this fucking trio.

Even though that show was a train wreck it was still Repugnant Scum's first fuck and will be cherished forever.

The next time we performed live wouldn't be until December that same year.

The months leading up to that next show, we hastily released our basement demo, entitled "Ode to Dog Shit". Which it totally was despite whatever lying father-fucking smegma dick says... it sucked. With the intentions of recording something decent in 2017 we ended up just playing more shows. Mostly Edmonton but there was a Calgary date in there too (Travelin').

As we swung our big, hairy dicks into 2018, the goal to record became top priority. 3 years in and all we had was a box of (way too many) band logo shirts and fuck all to show except a swath of music. Lots of songs and no recording studio make Repugnant Scum something, something.

After taking a bit of a breather and making some new friends we came to find Cavern of Echoes might be the ticket.

Now into 2019 we have a our debut record nearing the final stages of mixing and are fucking stoked. STOKED. To announce our release date and share this shit with the verld. This year should hopefully prove to be a good time for us and everyone who attends our shows and honors us with a chance to make new friends. Despite how fucking miserable we may look.

In summary, Repugnant Scum is:

Extreme metal catharsis, expressed through the minds of three mordant, enigmatic, and irreverent, noisy fucks.

See you in the pit

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