Recording Dancehall and hip hop Artist In Canada. Ken.Will.Win is really excited about sharing his music, his passion, and his joy with the world. With lots of energy and vibrancy, his music guarantees to get you moving to the beat. Ken.Will.Win recently released another banger titled Party, a follow-up single for his previously released his hit single Get To Know You. He uses music to share some of his energy and positivity with his listeners. As Ken sets out to keep his fans entertained while making new fans, he also tries to maintain an awareness of social issues, and is advocate for women's empowerment. You will hear evidence of this in one of his songs titled Girl They Can't Stop you. Now while this song is geared towards women's empowerment, and has a powerful message, this too is delivered in true Ken.Will.Win style as it very entertaining. Ken.Will.Win knows how to combine dancehall with hip-hop and afrobeat music, thereby using music to create a cultural fusion, and connect his listeners around the world through music. His musical style is infused with Afro-Pop, Caribbean dancehall and slight touch of smooth 90's. hip-hop and R&B. "Be prepared to be entertained!" Ken.Will.Win plans to continue full speed ahead, as he takes us around the world of his musical journey, giving music lovers and listeners all over the world a taste of his sound.

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