If this band had a mission statement it would be something like this - " To constantly surprise and excite the senses, to lead in songwriting never relying on breakdowns and or cliches, to be the scene instead of crying for acceptance" We write progressive punk/rock/metal employing a variety of instruments ranging from guitars and pianos to 12 string pedal steel and violins. Every member contributes enormously and is not censored in the the creating of the music. Although the line-up may have changed it has always been for the best trimming the proverbial fat until all you have left is a gnarly rocking beast that breaks down your conventional idea of aggressive music. Our release “Holus-Bolus” is proof, as well as our extremely consistent live shows. Treeburning is not just another uninspired clump of binary riff peddlers. 100% D.I.Y. ethics from music video production, album recordings, tours, promos, and van maintenance.

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