Mercy Funk

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Mercy Funk is known for their familiar yet fresh sound. Combining pop, R&B, soul, and funk influences, the band always guarantees a good time for fans of all ages.

Upcoming Events for Mercy Funk

2 upcoming event(s) for this artist/band.
Date Event Ticket Details
· Aug · 22 Thu 7:30 pm
Mercy Funk presents : The Gongfather's Goodbye Summer Jam Mercy Funk & others at Aviary (Edmonton)  on August 22, 2019
at Aviary
9314 111 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0A3

Tickets: $12.00 in advance
($1.99 e-ticket fee)

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· Sep · 16 Mon 8:00 pm
Station on Jasper presents Busty and the Bass & others at Station on Jasper (Edmonton)  on September 16, 2019
Station on Jasper presents Busty and the BassAlternative / Electronic / R&B with Mercy Funk

at Station on Jasper
10524 Jasper Ave Edmonton, AB T5J 1Z7

Tickets: $16.00 in advance, $20 at the door

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