West of Winnipeg Contrary to what their name suggests, West of Winnipeg is not from Winnipeg, but is based out of Edmonton, Alberta. All in their early twenties, this charismatic group has been exciting clubs and festivals with their raw blues/funk sound all over Alberta, and recently into Saskatchewan. Lindsey Walker’s ferocious vocals lead the outstanding musicians— with Ajay Paterson rocking the bass, Drew Malcolm’s deft guitar playing, and Kurtis Shultz energizing the kit —through extreme highs and the softest lulls. After Lindsey, Drew and Ajay had played a few times in the first few months of the Grant MacEwan music program, it was obvious that there was an artistic connection between the three of them and creating music together was effortless. The group continued to play though school together, when they wanted to add a new dimension to their sound and lock in a solid rhythm section -- the man with the key was Kurtis Schultz. With the lineup of the group finally secured, West of Winnipeg set out to create their own voice, and pay tribute to the extraordinary artists that have inspired them all through their journey.

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