Right from their very first freebee gig that paid them with a few free drinks, Twenty Two Foot Funk (TTFF) has displayed a capacity to lift a night club crowd out of their seats and have them doing the jive or some mock disco move on their way to the dance floor. Now, three years later TTFF has the privilage to share the same stage with the one of the iconic 60's bands - Big Brother & the Holding Company.

For the faint of heart - this band may not be for you, from beat one of their first song on any night TTFF blazes a swath of the most recognizable dance grooves of the last four decades across any dance floor. This band is not out to bring some new and undiscovered music style to the masses, it has but one goal - "Get 'em dancing" As one of their first fans so eloquently stated "they don't really have to worry about a down crowd, there's just too many of them on stage, they just suck you into their 'Vortex of fun'"

The Funk's Repetoire spans the entire gambit of dance/party music with perhaps only one glaring exception - the omitance of a good old Alberta two-step, but all is forgiven if the dance floor is packed all night..

Few bands these days can boast a full rhythm section, three front vocalists and a four piece horn section. When discussion about the band's size is approached and the inevitable topic of affordability arises in this local market that is rarely prepared to afford more than a three piece classic rock rehash or a karaoke night to its patrons; Ross Bulcock, the band's musical director / arranger is always the ready and armed in it's defence "The music we play, (as a product) can't be sold any other way, you either do it big or you dont do it at all. Come check us out, if our product doesn't leave you thinking you'll get your monies worth... well the CD bargain bins are always full... "

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