Waking Mayhem

Hey everyone we are "Waking Mayhem" A groove metal band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have only been known as Waking Mayhem since around March 2010 but most of the band has been together since summer 2005. Our band consists of 4 members. Blake O' Brien on vocals & bass, Cory Gratton on lead guitar, John Moisan on Rythm, & last but not lest Nick Murray on drums & vocals. We all love what we do and have a strong passion for all kinds of music. We are currently working on putting out our first album and from the sounds of it, It should be a good one.

Currently all of our posted song recordings are recorded live. With a rock band mic & a lap top :)

Our goal for this summer now that the whole band is done school, is to play as many shows as we can find & try to get our name out there. So this summer be sure to keep an eye out for Waking Mayhem, and if you happen to find us please, enjoy the show.

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