The Ashley Hundred

The Ashley Hundred began as an acoustic-folk act in the summer of 2012. Venturing to the forests surrounding their hometown of Calgary, Alberta for inspiration, and to write the songs that would define their early sound. Taking on a bass player to give necessary fullness to their songs, The Ashley Hundred soon began to add further instruments and effects to their guitar, banjo, and percussion foundation. The resulting lineup of Brett Cassidy (Banjo, Lap Steel, Vocals), Michael De Souza (Drums), Andrew Franks (Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Jordan Moe (Bass, Vocals) and Carson Stewart (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) were able to combine their array of influences, which range from traditional folk to psychedelic and post-rock, to create sonic stew of swirling ambience, soaring harmonies, melodic bass lines, tribal-esque drumming and frenzied banjo picking. A sound that the band refers to fondly as "Folkadelic".

The release of their first Ep, "Postcards From The Moon", landed The Ashley Hundred firmly within the Calgary musical community. With tours to the neighbouring province of B.C, and an Eastern Canadian tour, with a stop at the 2015 Canadian Music Week in Toronto, the band has high ambitions of reaching listeners across the country and beyond its borders. In the Fall of 2015 they released a second grouping of songs with their friends, and fellow local rockers in the band 36? aptly titled "Split". This release pushed the sonic boundaries of the band to new heights, and landed them on several "best of" lists from bloggers in Calgary and surrounding areas.

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