Ways in Waves

Ways in Waves began as a side project between guitarist Brian Raine and drummer Shaquille Headley, but transformed into something bigger when the duo realized its experimental and expressive potential. Using Raine's compositions as an initial framework, Ways in Waves mixes avant-garde elements with prog-rock, modern hip-hop, and jazz to create a unique musical landscape. Intricate guitar lines from Raine's 8-string guitar fuse and interact with explosive drumming to create a rich, multi-layered sound that is simultaneously unexpected and intuitive.

With the recent addition of local jazz drummer Murray Cameron Smith as the controller of Ableton Live, the previously static backing tracks come alive as they are manipulated in real time. Along with new drummer Cameron O'Neil (High Tides) and vocalist/keyboardist Sean Sonego, WIW incorporates the element of improvisation into an already complex form of music, affording the group a unique place among today's modern acts.

Upcoming Events for Ways in Waves

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· Jan · 4 Sat 8:30 pm
Medical Pilot
at The Rec Room (South Edmonton)
1725 99 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6N 1M5

Tickets: $12.00 in advance, $15 at the door

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