Jamie Philp

Jamie is an in demand sideman performing and recording with many artists in a variety of styles: Wilf Kozub - Wilfred N. & the Grown Men. Pierre Paul Bugeaud - Celsius. Charles Austin - Main Street. Gary Myers - Hawaiian Dreamers & PM Bossa. Brett Miles - Magilla Funk Conduit. George Lake - Hawaiian Islanders. Don Berner - AC Dixie. William Cramer - Bullies of Basin Street. Kaley Beisiegel - Kaley Bird and the Flock. Terry McDade - Terry and the Tiki Boys. Jim Serediak, Karen Porkka, Bill Richards, Gord Graber, Greg Dust, Farley Scott, Rhonda Withnell, Jan Randall, Anna Beaumont, Chloe Goodchild, Sheril Hart, Paul Groleau, Gord Matthews, Diana Stabel, Cam Neufeld, Jordan Billy Zizi, Jessica Marsh, Mireille Moquin, Lori & Bruce Mohacsy.

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· Dec · 23 Sun 9:00 am
Jamie Philp
Brunch at the Chair - Hawaiian Dreamers Featuring Jamie PhilpElectronic / Jazz / World and Gary Myers

at Blue Chair Cafe
9624 - 76 AV NW Edmonton, AB T6C 0K3

By donation.