Chris Naish

Chris Naish was not born. He simply walked out of the Mississippi river with a guitar in one hand and a microphone in the other. Actually, he was born, but a band of gypsies took him to Spain where he learned to romance women with the poetry of his soul. Well, he wasn’t kidnapped by gypsies, Naish is an ageless wizard who has been alive since the dawn of time and casts spell through his music.

Uhm, Can I be honest? Despite my best efforts, I’m no mythical rock star. I’m Chris Naish, I’m from Calgary, and I love playing music and entertaining people. I honed my music skills touring through India, England, Mexico and Western Canada from 2004 – 2005. Since then I’ve released two albums, signed a film and television licensing deal, been featured on television in Calgary, newspapers across Alberta, and internet radio across the world.

Speaking of gigs, remember that documentary about Willy Wonka taking those kids through his candy factory? Remember how he was so excited to share his candy, his cool inventions, his jokes, and his crazy stories? Well, the stage is my factory, and the songs are my candy.

When I’m cooking up a song, I start with a ramshackle blend of laid back funk, rootsy folk, and garage blues. Then I add whatever additional flavours that grab my fancy. The end result is an eclectic batch of songs that sound unique but also sound connected.

My favourite type of songs are slices of real life, songs that encourage me, songs that make me feel like we’re all in this together and that we can take on the world. That’s the type of songs I write.

I’ve played gigs in bars, youth groups, summer camps, coffee shops, and alot of other cool places. Each venue becomes our living room, each gig is a house party, and I hope to see you at home.

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