Dear Rouge

Upon hearing their song, You Step Out Of Nowhere, one has to wonder if Dear Rouge is referring to themselves. With the release of their debut EP, Heads Up Watch Out (released in April 2012), Vancouver-based husband and wife duo Drew and Danielle McTaggart hit the scene with an incredibly accomplished set of songs, production and presence. Now, only six months after their debut release, Dear Rouge have followed up with the five track, Kids Wanna Know EP (released in October 2012).

If this infectious one-two combo wasn't enough to punch their way into the hearts of alternative music fans, they're also the 2012 Winner of The PEAK Performance Project, the biggest radio station artist development project in Canada .

It doesn't take long to see that Dear Rouge is a fully realized project, from conception to execution, created and crafted from a perspective only years of professional touring, performing and writing can bring.

The group got its start in the summer of 2009 while Danielle & Drew were touring across Canada, each pursuing their own separate music projects. Finding they had a true connection, they decided to collaborate in a Vancouver studio where their very first song, the single "Heads Up. Watch Out." was born. From that one session, and the overwhelming response they received after posting it on SoundCloud, it was obvious they had stumbled upon something special.

One could be tempted to classify Dear Rouge as pop/rock, but it's an unfitting misnomer that doesn't quite do justice to their grandiose songs or their world class aspirations. Their alt-electro-dance-rock vibe provides a positive and up-beat shot in the arm, screaming at you to stand up and get lost in the feel-good energy of the moment. They've crafted an instantly recognizable sound that is familiar and comfortable, yet all their own.

Danielle's soft and sultry, whispering vocals pulse on top of driving bass lines while irresistible beats breathe life into infectious pop songs with big choruses, oozing and swelling with hooks while Drew's guitar weaves organic textures, punctuating tasty electronic flourishes that flavour each song.

Dear Rouge craft a warmth that feels like a welcome embrace from a friend, a sound that draws you in and pulls you near. It's music you simply can't ignore once you hear it.

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