RC Sindicate

RC Sindicate is a collection of great minds, and a fusion of musical genres to please the ears. Starting in 2009, this group of friends have played many local Alberta shows, and placed 7th in the 2009 Alberta battle of the bands. Rob, Carl (a.k.a Mr.Knowbody), Q (a.k.a QMike), Tyson, J, and Chuck makeup the core of this Edmonton based Band, with their self-proclaimed funk, hip-hop, house, ska, dance, reggae and rock influences. RC Stands for River City, and Sindicate describes the syndication of egos and music each member brings to the band. Through many changes and clashes the band as evolved to what is now a powerful evolution of musical collaborates. As one of the only full piece hip-hop rock bands in Alberta, RC Sindicate is ready to make their mark on the music industry. Take some time to visit their website you won't be disappointed!

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