Carroll Baker

Carroll Baker was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia March 4th, 1949 and grew up in Port Medway a small picturesque fishing village on Nova Scotia's South West Shore.


In 1969 Carroll was invited to go to a bar in Oakville, The Halton Hotel, where one of her friends told the band that Carroll sang and they should get her up to do a song. Carroll had no idea about this so when she heard her name to go up and sing, she was speechless and scared to death. She was also underage and the thought of getting caught in a bar by the police was indeed a most scary aspect. Her husband encouraged her, so she accepted the invitation and sang "Stand By Your Man." The rest they say is history. The band invited her to join them every weekend and on one of those weekends a man named Roger Burke, who was a musician asked her if she would be interested in doing a Jamboree near Markham Ontario called The Hayloft Jamboree. It was at that Jamboree where George Petralia, a sculptor heard her sing and convinced both she and her husband to go to Thunder Bay with him to make a record.

In July of 1970 Carroll, John, George, his wife and family drove to Thunder Bay where she met Don Grashey and Chuck Williams. Grashey produced her first recordings in Thunder Bay until 1972 at which time he decided to take her to Nashville to record her first session there. That recording session took place at the famed RCA B Recording Studio where all the greats had recorded.

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