Tippy Agogo

TIPPY AGOGO, the "One Man Orchestra" and Mouth Musician, is known throughout the free world for making beautiful, scary, heavy, and insightful music on reclaimed tin cans, broken guitars, and racks full of technological gadgetry. He performs for children, punk rockers, folkies, metal heads, high brows, low brows, and all those in-between!

TIPPY has performed on albums with artists as diverse as Sarah McLachlan, SNFU, German Techno/Industrial Bands, Sun God, Aurora Sutra, Ed Ka-spel (Legendary Pink Dots), and a host of other famous people. He tours constantly. He wins awards for his soundtracks for film and theatre projects. He makes his mother proud.

TIPPY has four albums (and a book); SOUL-O-WORKS, INCANTOS, HOLY CROW, and CREEP FORWARD(2008). The latest album, Creep Forward (S-O-W II) is complied from his sound design for theatre, film, and multimedia. Some of this work will include tracks from his award-winning "Lion in the Streets" and "The Oedipus Project", as well as live and studio recordings from his travels at home and abroad.

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· Jul · 24 Tue 8:00 pm
Tippy Agogo
at The Sewing Machine Factory
9562 82 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6C 0Z8

Tickets: $10.00 at the door

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· Jul · 28 Sat 1:00 pm
Ali McCormick
Sasquatch Gathering 23 Featuring Ali McCormickFolkPart of: Sasquatch Gathering 23 with Celeigh Cardinal and Tippy Agogo and Jay Gilday Band, Wildwood, and more

at Metis Crossing
17339 Victoria Trail Smoky Lake, AB

Tickets: $85.00 and up, in advance
($3.49 e-ticket fee)

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Blackbyrd Myoozik
10442 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2