Meet B & Steve.

After achieving worldwide (but mostly Canadian) fame for their smash hit viral video "Out for A Rip", rapper B.Rich and "friggin buddy" Steve Corn haven't stopped givin' er. (aside from occasionally putting in serious work digging holes and drywalling) This dynamic duo, living out of their RV in Darke Place Ontario, generally spends their days "gettin' up to weird s#!% and killin' it."

As abassadors of Canadian culture, B & Steve have been using their newfound fame for the greater good, focusing on the important things in life, like getting drunk at the West Edmonton Mall Waterpark, and locking down SWEET beard oil endorsements. Who is to say what's next for the boys? Major motion picture deal? Custom fragrance line based on their trademarked scent? (you can only imagine)... only time will tell. In the meantime, one thing is for certain... you want to get down with B & Steve

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