Micah Erenberg

Micah Erenberg is a storyteller and a singer/songwriter; an engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist; a front man in a rock band and a side man for anyone else.
He is devoted to taking his music from point A to point Z, and he is there for every step of the process: from demo tapes to full length albums; from jam spaces to touring the world.

Micah's music has been described as bedroom country/pop´┐Ż, with production qualities reminiscent of Beck and story-based lyrics reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt.
His tell all style of writing makes for an incredibly captivating sound, and his songs cover all bases from sad and serious to happy and downright goofy.
In a soft, honest voice he sings catchy melodies that are easy for any listener, and his musical arrangements are unlike anything you've heard before.

Add the full band into the mix and you get the same songs in a whole new light. Like a well oiled machine, the Micah Erenberg Band jams their way through meticulously rehearsed material, often improvising through instrumental sections for as long as they feel the need to, and yet somehow hitting every stop and chord change along the way.
Expect to be fully engaged in the show, as their stage presence is nothing short of personal, with the band feeding off the audience almost as much as they do each other. Everything is planned and yet nothing is planned; they don't play to the audience, they play for the audience.

This year Micah is set to release his debut album, Poor Mic's Toe, which was almost entirely self-recorded and self-produced at a cabin in his home town of Matlock, MB. The album is backed by the Micah Erenberg Band and features a diverse guest list of some of the finest musicians on Manitoba's scene.

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