bluessmyth: A forging of two or more elements to create music for thought.

bluessmyth combines the words "blues" and "smyth" (or smith) as the forging and fusion of their roots in blues music with some heavy, metallic overtones and gospel & soul influences. bluessmyth is a thinking person's rock band. Their lyrical content covers the gamut of the human experience.

In early 2009, bluessmyth released "Sola Gratia" which they toured across Canada from British Columbia to Ontario. With two other successful albums under their belt, this new, riveting and introspective recording from the Canadian trio includes powerful tracks written about Hurricane Katrina and deep human experiences such as reaching out in despair, soul searching, and finding redemption.

The dynamic of bluessmyth has evolved with the addition of drummer Celene Yohemas in 2008. Seamlessly matched with the solid, definitive bass lines of Jason Yaholkoski, and supporting soulful singer and guitarist Chris Yaholkoski, this new chemistry is a recipe for international success.

In Chris' words: in many ways, bluessmyth is about making joy out of pain, good out of bad, rising above.

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