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Colour Me

Canada/English (78 mins)

Western Canada Premiere! Born to a white mother and a black father, Anthony McLean and his brother were the only two people of color for miles around. Today, Anthony is confident, charming, and successful. But inside, he knows differently. The voices of his childhood haunt him, and at thirty, he’s finally ready to take a hard look at his own authenticity.

Anthony is sick of stereotypes that surround the black community, and he’s sick of documentaries that profile “at-risk” youth and of persisting rhetoric on the “black struggle.” He wants things to change. So, for five months, Anthony takes six youth – Jevaun, Justine, Summer, Demar, David, and Narraine - on a journey to discover what it really means to be black. This rite to passage is set in Brampton, Ontario – one of Canada’s fastest growing, ethnically dominated suburbs. And at its heart is Fletcher’s Meadow high school, with its seventy percent black student body.

Colour Me is sure to lead to more healthy, post-screening discussions than any other film at this year's EIFF!


  • Sherien Barsoum


  • Sherien Barsoum


  • Anthony McLean

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