Jake Ian

Jake Ian is a guitarist/singer songwriter hailing from Warspite, Alberta, a small farming hamlet of 48 people located 100 km north east of Edmonton; often referred to as the arm pit of Alberta. All geography aside, Jake began his music career in High School starting the legendary Edmonton punk rock act, PiND, in which he was the lead guitarist, lead vocalist and chief songwriter. Two years ago Jake decided to journey down a foreign path, longing to take his songwriting to a new level. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a love for such artists as John Prine and Tom Waits, he began writing and performing alternative folk songs; songs of love, lonliness, longing and despair. His songs contain an air of urgency and his performing conveys a certain passion that carries his beautiful yet sombre melodies to the ears of his listeners. Able to pick a guitar and blow a harmonica with best of them, Jake Ian brings an edginess from his punk rock roots that is often lacking in folk music.

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