Ben Crane

From the Alberta ranchlands just east of Rocky Mountain House comes western country singer and songwriter Ben Crane. His love for the west country and the outdoors comes through not only in his music, but in his artwork as well.

Ben's musical stylings are rooted in traditional country, with hints of bluegrass, jazz, blues, and swing, and range from old cowboy ballads, to recently-written songs of the western lifestyle, and straight-ahead gospel songs that pack a punch; all delivered with conviction and a warm personality.

Music has been keeping Ben busy for over 25 years. With six albums of his own, and countless others under his belt in various capacities as producer, engineer, arranger, session player, or vocalist, he is making a significant mark in the western music field. His live shows are agriculture-oriented and full of clean rural humour. Screen-projected artwork adds a unique element to his show, while his daughter's accompanying fiddle and vocals illustrate his family values.

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· Feb · 6 Thu 2:00 pm
Ben Crane
Horizon Stage presents Ben CraneCountry / Spoken Word

at Horizon Stage
1001 Calahoo Road Spruce Grove, AB T7X 1L6

Tickets: $25.00 All ages

(Not available from YEG Live)
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